Something Made of Leather


I started my Virtual Assistant business 3 years ago last month.  What a life changing event!  Owning a small business has its ups and downs-but in my case the ups have definitely outweighed the downs.  Personally, 2016 has been rough on my family.  Having the flexibility of running my own business has afforded me the much needed time to spend by myself and with family and friends.  Today, life is good!

 In my 3rd year of business I have learned that if you are hard-working, honest and do your best… referrals will come.  I have had the good fortune to work on 3 new projects this year that came from client referrals.  I am currently speaking with 2 new prospects that were referred to me by another local entrepreneur.

 Unfortunately, I realized that it is still difficult to terminate a relationship with a client even though they continually pay their invoices late.  I do have to say that the majority of the people that I have had the pleasure to work with are good, dedicated, hard-working clients.  I am thankful for all of them.

 I was reminded of how blessed that I am to have good health as I watched a client go through a long and trying medical issue this year.  I admired her strength and positivity as she continued to work part-time during this difficult period.  I am happy to report that she is recovering and back to work full time.

 So what will this next year bring?  I don’t know.  I am still looking to build my client list.  It is my passion to partner with other small business owners to help then grow and sustain their businesses.  I can help them save time, money and frustration by taking on their administrative tasks.  If you would like to discuss how virtual assistance can help you please let me know.

 But for this weekend, I think I will go out and buy myself something made of leather for my 3rd Anniversary!

About the Author:  Sheri Miller is the Owner of Another You, LLC, a Virtual Assistant service in the Dayton, Ohio area. Sheri helps small business owners save time, money and frustration by taking care of their day-to-day administrative tasks. Think of her as your right hand while your left hand is growing your business.           937-416-2207

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