Lawn and Flower Garden: July in Ohio


July is normally hot, dry, and humid here in Ohio. There is not much to do in your lawn/flower gardens now that summer is here.

It is a good time to have your mower blade sharpened again. Grass will begin to get stressed by now so do not aerate or fertilize your lawn this month.  You should set your mower at 3 inches and make sure that you water your lawn deeply; soak down 6-8 inches every 10-14 days.

Be sure to give your perennials (flowers that return each year) a good soak every 7-10 days (1-2 inches). There is not much else to do with your flowers in July other than keep them watered and weeded. Be sure to deadhead to encourage new blooms. Continue to pinch Mums back this month.

Japanese beetles appear in July. Pick them off your roses, shrubs and other plants and destroy them in a jar of soapy water. Remove any bagworms, caterpillars, and other pests from your shrubs and trees.

Watch out for poison ivy and oak this month. Remember “Leaves of 3–Let it Be”. Paint the stems and lower foliage with Roundup which will kill the roots.

After your Clematis blooms in June you can cut back the stems 1/2 way in July to stimulate a possible repeat bloom later in the summer.  Mine never re-bloom but I have read where some do!l!

Since there is not a lot to do in your yard this month, enjoy our summer and take some time to visit the pool, have cookouts with family and friends, and take long naps under your favorite shade tree.

headshotAbout the Author: Sheri Miller is the Owner of Another You, LLC, a Business Concierge/Personal Assistant service in the Dayton, Ohio area. Sheri helps small business owners save time and money by taking care of their day-to-day administrative tasks. Think of her as your right hand while your left hand is growing your business. 937-416-2207

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